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Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music Ann Rachlin's Fun With Music

Children everywhere love Fun With Music®™

Ann Rachlin

For over 40 years, seated in her magic storytelling chair, Ann Rachlin enchanted hundreds of children with her colourful stories which she set to the music of the great composers. Her gentle voice, perfectly blended with the music, held the children's interest as they listened to the works of the great masters. An experience they never forgot.

Ann's exciting and educational introduction to classical music has enriched the lives of generations of children. It has proved absolutely timeless and today many of her original students introduce their own children to Fun with Music®™ through her recordings and books. Today hundreds of grandmothers get in touch with Ann to re-order her recordings so that their grandchildren can enjoy the same fun with music that their children had! Teachers in schools all over the UK order the Fun with Music®™ recordings for their own music classes.

Enjoy the magic of Ann Rachlin's stories on CD – in the car, at bedtime, or as downloads – whenever a good story is called for.

Now - you can join families all over the world who enjoy Fun With Music®™.

Love Heckerty®™

Love Heckerty is a proven, successful series of children's stories, originally created by Musical Storyteller, ANN RACHLIN. Loved by children everywhere, the Heckerty series is much more than a fun viewing. Translated into 15 languages, Heckerty enchants, entertains -- and. educates. Now in the capable hands of Ann's eldest daughter, Jan Ziff, Heckerty's adventures with Zanzibar, her fabulous feline companion, delight children all over the world. Heckerty and Zanzibar help your children learn to read, spell and write in english. They show them how to cope with bullying, how to care for and help other people. Games, quizzes, recipes, enchanting animation all contribute to Heckerty's global success in countries as far away as South Korea. An internationally award- winning team has brought Heckerty into the 21st century using the latest animation technology. And the result is truly magical!


Education through Entertainment

Recent Raves and Testimonials

"I stumbled upon your music story tapes when I was about ten years old. My father used to take my sister and I out to the best CD shop in Singapore where we could buy one item per week (his gift to us). I bought one cassette tape out of curiosity ( Nurse Goose)  and loved it so much that my sister and I looked forward to bedtime so that we could listen to the stories. I asked my  father for every tape on the shelf each week until I had your entire collection.

We live in Hong Kong now and I've recently had my own children, Zahra is four and Reyka is five months old. I was delighted to find your stories on our Apple Music subscription (fantastic, no more rewinds :)). Zahra now listens to any story she wants at bedtime and we have avid conversations about the characters. She's begun reciting all her favourite lines which makes me smile and reflect on what I was like.

I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that your stories never get old for me and that my husband and children are now your new fans. Every story book I read to my children are with "Ann Rachlin gusto"! 

I used to speak publicly for my work and I think your voice and speaking rhythm has always been there at the back of my head. Thank you for being my vocal and storytelling inspiration; and your stories going digital allows me to share that with my family.

My very best regards,

S.L.S.S. Hongkong February 2017

I just wanted to thank you for 'A Musical Journey to the Moon'.

It was played some time in the early 90s during my year 2 music lesson.  My mother bought it for me after I raved about  it for weeks afterwards.

Not only did it start a lifelong fascination with space but also for classical music.

For the last couple of decades all I could remember was that I had an amazing tape that I'd listen to at bedtime and go on a journey.

But after a little bit of research I found out more. And low and behold, it's on Spotify!Currently listening to it and I'm in floods of tears. I'm 6 years old again.

Many thanks, Ann. This was needed! 

S.....n S....n

May 2017

"I was raised on your tapes, to the point where I hear your voice in my mind whenever I listen to the musical pieces you narrated! I myself now work as a writer, poet and storyteller, working with both young and adult audiences and I want to thank you for your impact on my life and my appreciation of music and story. In my mind you are one of the great idols of my childhood!"

R.R.R. 2016

"I still play in bands, playing rock music, pub gigs and sing every week in a classical choir they set up at UCS, singing Bach, Mozart, Verdi, Purcell, Poulenc, Bernstein and the greats - I owe it in good part to you. I still remember as if it were yesterday, listening to you telling the Sinbad the sailor story to the strains of Rimsky Korsakov, while eating jam sandwiches - very Proustian, I owe a lot of this to you, Ann, so I hope we can stay in touch."

Roy Ackerman - film producer - (Jamie Oliver)

August 2015

My name's Sam Wilson. I was lucky enough to be involved with your classes (now many) years ago in St. John's Wood..........

I studied at the Guildhall and graduated winning the Lord Mayors Prize (an award spanning music, drama and technical theatre- awarded to an outstanding student). I've since enjoyed orchestral and ensemble work with the Royal Opera House, English Chamber Orchestra, CBSO and London Contemporary Orchestra. I'm most passionate about contemporary music performance, and am trying to involve myself in as many new music and new opera performances as possible. I also have 3 longer term commitments- a hip hop comedy group with whom I've been able to tour the world and perform at many music festivals, a collaboration with a composer/producer which allows me to compose, and I recently joined the UK percussion ensemble 4-Mality. The variety inherent to percussion is what fascinates me. I've also been able to honour an early interest in drama by specialising in highly "theatrical" and experimental solo percussion performances.

The only reason I'm telling you all this is that I believe the experiences you passed on to me have fuelled and shaped the way I've related to music- throughout my whole journey so far. You taught me to be fascinated by music, to be excited and enthralled. To find ways to understanding and interpreting music. I've never doubted or erred in relation to the joy and curiosity I have towards music, and  I want to thank you sincerely for fostering this attitude in me.

August 2015